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Wordpress is one of the worlds most popular content management systems, powering over 20% of the web. Wordpress lets you build beautiful websites, blogs and online stores easily with no programming required. Wordpress includes all the features you need to run a full featured website including e-commerce, ad Management, Comments etc.

Wordpress websites for business, blogs, online shops with e-commerce and payment processing. Service includes setting up domain name and hosting, installation of Wordpress system and theme, setting up payment processing (Paypal, Stipe or others).

Mobile Apps

We have team of skilled developers with years of experience who have developed a wide range of mobile apps in a range of industries including consumer products, advertising, marketing, retail and finance.

We build complex applications using the Flutter framework for Android and iOS platforms. In addition to developing an app for your business, we focus on the aesthetic layout and design which will give a solid basis for your next move.

Using a variety of libraries we develop mobile apps to ensure the best results. With a solid understanding of iOS and Android mobile development, we have managed to deliver high-quality results with a quick turnaround time. As our work with Flutter is rapidly expanding, we can handle projects from simple apps to larger projects that involve API, AI and AR integration.

Web Apps

Forget the old website. Today, solutions are changing with technology. It’s not just about making money, it’s about having the best experience on the Web.

Web applications are like websites, but with power and capability to do more. Such as access bank account information, order goods online, send emails, access other websites. Although web apps differ from websites, they are running on the same technology behind them.

Web apps are web pages that can be embedded into another webpage or website. Such as Gmail, Facebook, weather apps, blogging apps , etc. JavaScript is used to create web apps.

They frequently include extensive functionality, excellent usability, speed, security, accessibility for all users, and sleek design.


Meet Shopify... Integrations, scalability, support and more, on a single platform. With Shopify's free plan, you get a site, CRM and online e-commerce solution all in one. They're here to help you sell digital products at scale.

Shopify simplifies the process of selling your products on the web. We can help you setup an online store, set up shipping, and track your orders.

You don’t need to worry about the technical aspect of running your online store. All these features are easy to use.

Strategy & Planning

We rely on the right strategy and planning to create what you need, not just what you want. We build our products to help your audience interact with your message, so we discuss with you before we begin, so we can learn what you want to achieve and how it will benefit your audience.

Then we develop your creative brief, working with you to create prototypes, so that we can test out what works for you for real. At every step of the creative process, we’ll be sitting right next to you.


Wireframes and architecture ensure we have a solid foundation and path before we build, and can provide a true-to-life implementation. When designing our projects we focus on functionality with an emphasis on mobile devices and responsive layouts.

We use wireframes to show visually how a specific element or feature will function on a website or app. We create wireframes based on the actual needs of the client, with attention given to usability, as well as effectiveness. Our goal is to make your product as easy to use as possible with a great aesthetic design, and lots of useful features.


Prototypes can help to visualise your product and to allow for feedback and improvement. They can also be used as a way of collecting funds and investment. If you want to develop a prototype, we offer services that enable you to quickly create functional prototypes for internal pitching, demonstrations, investment rounds or proof of concept.

The aim of Prototypes is to help develop new ideas and solutions, all the while demonstrating the feasibility of these ideas.

Maintenance & Hosting

Group of dots provide a network of expertise and support for our products. For peace of mind, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support for as long as your product needs it.

We can provide your project with professional hosting. Our servers are located internationally, which ensures incredible uptime.

Additionally with Cloud Services you aren't limited to the number of people who can log-in at once. There's no limit to the amount or types of projects you can host on our servers, and we offer two different sign-up kits for customers to choose from. Our service is typically faster than your company owns dedicated server infrastructure.

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